Jumpy’s Bonne mech pix 5: The Gustaff!

Hello again!  Well I got a bit busy with homework, boxing, and other things, but here’s the next sketch in my Bonne mech series: the Gustaff!  I’ve heard that this personal battlesuit mech is often the mech of choice for the Bonnes.  Either Tron or Teisel can pilot it with the aid of a Servbot.  It’s heavily armored and super strong too, able to lift things like giant boulders with ease!  For weapons, its left arm can be replaced with a variety of weapons including the powerful bazooka shown here, a gatling gun, and others.  And like many of the Bonne mechs, it has the Bonne skull logo on its chest, as well as a larger logo on the back as seen in the rear view.  The bazooka itself is even a Bonne logo when viewed head on!  I guess the missiles fire out of its mouth or something.  A squad of six Servbots often accompany the Gustaff in missions too, and like the Finkel it has a beacon cannon to send Servbots over to a selected target.  And for missions invlolving heavy lifting, its left arm can be replaced with a standard arm and its lower half can be replaced with tank treads for a “Gustaff Tank” mode.  A “Hover Gustaff” mode is also available in which the legs are replaced with hover units so it can move through the air, the arms are replaced with guns, and a shield is added to the left arm.  Basically it’s a VERY versatile mech!  Also heard it can be painted different colors like standard purple, yellow, green, blue, etc.  A pretty cool mech that was fun to draw!

(OOC:  Used my copy of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne to get a good look at it for the sketches.  Also used http://www.legends-station.com/?page=motb/bm-gustaff for reference, especially to get a better look at its face.  Got information on the Hover Gustaff from http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Gustaff since it’s been a while and I forgot it was in Legends 2.  I drew the right hand open because the fist looked really weird when I tried to draw it from the front, so I just decided to draw the hand open.)

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