Jumpy Bonne mech pix 4:  the Leopold!

Hello again!  Been a while, but here’s the next in my Bonne mech series of skecthes, the Leopold!  These tanks are heavily armed and armored assault vehicles made by Tron when the Bonnes go into battle, or need a powerful force to guard a place of interest!  These things are driven by the Servbots, like many of the Bonne vehicles.  Armed with a cannon and smaller guns and machine guns, they certainly pack a punch.  While certainly a powerful force, these things also move very slowly, so a speedy opponent can charge past them.  In fact I was told that Volnutt used his speed to his advantage against a few of these in places like the Clozer Woods when the Bonnes were on Kattelox a while ago.  I drew it going downhill since I started drawing on an angle and didn’t want to start the sketch over again.

And to mark the occasion, I even included a special sign on the back for Volnutt and Tron’s week long marriage!  Hope you like it!

(OOC:  I used  http://www.legends-station.com/?page=mml1/bm-leopordo for reference.  My Legends save file is at the end of the game, and I didn’t have the time to play through to when you face them at the Clozer Woods or Yass Plains.)