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"Aaagh! Ungh!  Yikes!" Jumpy shouts as the first two punches hit his head and side, but he fortunately manages to block the third with his glove.  Determined not to take any more hits, he listens carefully to what Haelth has to tell him.  He figures she has some real experience to go by,  After all, there’s a lot more to her battlefield knowledge than his own experience fighting other kids in the ring, or the occasional talking cheetahs and robots.  He has had some unusual opponents before… lol

"Right!  I’ve heard something like that before!  Eyes on your opponent!"  Jumpy nods, eager to continue.

"Let’s try again!" He gets into position, and raises his gloves up in defense this time, carefully approaching Haelth.  When he’s close enough, he throws a couple quick jabs at her side before feinting (faking) a left curving hook at the stomach before a quick right uppercut at the chin.  Meanwhile he tries to keep eye contact with Haelth, keeping his gloves up so as not to leave an opening like before.

He’s hoping this sparring lesson will help him in his future fights, since he’s been on a bit of a losing streak, having been knocked out in his last few marches.

Haelth nodded,” That’s what I’m trying teaching you.” She smile when Jumpy finally start learning what she talking about. Haelth though that training someone would be a lot harder but Jumpy was surprising a good learner. Mostly because how Zero gets headache from training rookies(some of which was cause by her). Once Jumpy was ready to fight. Haelth took a few steps back and got into a fighting stance,” Show me what you got Jumpy!” She said with a grin.

Haelth watch Jumpy moves closely, as she got right into fighting stance. She watch him closely as Jumpy carefully approach her. She blocked one the jabs that were going her side, but almost fall for the fake punch that was going for her stomach. She quickly step back from the uppercut but just barely dodge it. She threw a punch at Jumpy’s shoulder and then one to his side. Then feinting(faking) a punch to Jumpy other side before going right for his stomach. 

"You’re doing a good job Jumpy," Haelth said to him after the fight was over. She hold out her hand for Jumpy to grab. Once Jumpy was up and decide that it was time to give Jumpy a second lesson, "I think you are ready for your next lesson," She said to Jumpy. "I’m going to show you how to block correctly," Haelth explained to him. Jumpy seem to have problems blocking her attacks, so Haelth figure it would a good lesson for him. After all if he keep on getting hit like that Jumpy going to have brain damaged. 

(And this RP takes place a little while ago too.  Jumpy’s a lot better at blocking now than before. lol  But this is part of his improving!)




Jumpy takes the hits to his shoulder, side and stomach.  Definitely not his best moment, but that’s part of learning!

"Aaagh!  Uuuuh!  Uuungghhh!" he shouts as the punches hit and he loses his balance, falling backward in the process.  The third punch leaves a bruise on his stomach too, a reminder he needs to keep those gloves up!  Defense 101.

Seeing Haelth offer her hand, Jumpy accepts it and gets back to his feet with her help.  That probably could have gone better.  But he’s ready to shake it off, and learn how to block right!  If he’s going to start winning fights again, he needs to work on defense!

"Ow… Thanks!  Right! I’m ready for the next lesson!" Jumpy smiles and gets his gloves up in a classic defense pose, eager to learn how to fortify his guard.  He’s also settled down, an indication he’s starting to buckle down and concentrate on what he’s about to learn, knowing full well he’ll need a good defense to go with offense.

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(Well today’s gaming news seems to have me quite chatty today!  Shulk is a unique addition to SSB, and truth be told I might consider getting that “hardcore” version of the 3DS they’re working on.  But first, it needs to have more than only two or three good exclusive titles, it NEEDS to be reverse compatible with all other 3DS games, and finally its price really should be under 300 dollars (US).  Then I’d maybe get one

So back to my RP replies in my drafts!  Pardon all the personal posting today.  I seem pretty active for some reason. lol )


"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."


(Okay.   This seems like a bad idea.  I understand they want to cater to “hardcore” gamers.  But seriously, we JUST got the XL and 2DS released recently, not to mention the original 3DS is only what, three or four years old tops.  Don’t they usually wait longer until they go with something new?  Plus making some new games ONLY play on this new model?  One of the major advantages and selling points of the 3DS games so far to me at least, has been that all the 3DS games are playable on all three models of the basic 3DS, XL, and even 2DS.  And the 3DS isn’t that expensive.  But now hearing that there’ll be new games that’ll only play on a new and likely, more expensive model 3DS?  Ugh.  I really hope this doesn’t lead to an overpriced portable system that only has like four or five exclusive titles in its library.  Don’t want to see a repeat of the Ambassador program fiasco they had to do since the 3DS was sold too expensive back when.

Pardon my rant, but it irks me that Nintendo seems to be trying to put out a new system when the 3DS already available still has some life left in it.  It’s cool they want to add another analog stick and other features, but they don’t have to virtually make a new exclusive system so soon to do so.  Seems a little early for them to be rolling out what is almost a new system.  Okay!  Rant over!)

I'm sorry if this has been asked before but do you have any tips on draw side views of heads? I can never get the nose and lips to look right! DX


i’ve gotten a lot of asks on side views recently SO I’M JUST GONNA TRY AND ANSWER THEM ALL TOGETHER HERE


(So Shulk is going to be in SSB)

(( Well apparently Shulk from Xenoblade Chornicles is going to be in the Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U roster (they really need a shorter name lol):


 Now I’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles and it’s an AWESOME game that I liked a lot!  Beautiful open world (not everything needs to be 1080p to look good), good characters and interesting storyline all had me hooked.  Definitely recommend it you have a Wii and like JRPGs. 

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Chaos’ shriek cracks the Reaverbot’s single menacing red lens, but it ignores it as it continues stomping randomly through the Birdbots.  It briefly looks skyward at Chaos, but soon looks back down toward the Bots trying to run away from it.

And Chaos’ attack plows through the clueless Birdbots below!  As she’s crashing through their midst, Bots are sent flying left and right, never standing a chance between the rampaging Reaverbot and her!  Talk about between a rock and a hard place!

"What?!  NO!  Kee keee!" one of the Birdbots shrieks as they’re trying in vain to escape the attacking forces.



At the same time, the Hanmuru Doll bot is making equally short work of the remaining forces near its feet, slamming away like crazy with its giant hammer arms!  While this is going on, Jumpy just watches the action, never thinking he’d be seeing something like this!

"Awesome!  Go Chaos!  Get those pirates!" Jumpy just cheers her along, not sure what else to do since he already KOed the pirate leader.

Suddenly a meek Birdbot tries to sneak past Jumpy.

"Need to get out of here.." the pirate Bot says quietly.

"Oh no you don’t!" Jumpy notices it, as he bops it with his glove, knocking it against a nearby tree.



"Keee!" the Birdbot shouts as it’s knocked out of commission.

Soon Chaos and the Reaverbot have finally knocked out all the remaining Birdbots.  Next, the Reaverbot simply remains still as it looks back towards the entrance to the ruins it came from.  During the commotion, the big metal crate the pirates brought up was also cracked, almost ready to spill open and reveal its contents. (We’ll see what it is in my next reply.)

And that’s the last of them. Good teamwork, you three! The feline feels a little bad for shattering the Reaverbot’s optic now that it’s proven to be so powerful and helpful. If she gets the time and it allows her, she’ll gladly repair it. She’s very good with machines and robots!

Still, she’s not letting her guard down. It seems like the Reaverbot just wants to go back to the ruins it came from. She sees the crate in the way and decides to help out the giant Reaverbot by smashing into the already-weakened crate, hoping to break it open for the Reaverbot to pass through and head back to its home.

That might not be a good idea, considering how much the pirates wanted to defend this treasure, but she really can’t think that much in this form. Two minds in equal control of one body makes that SOMEWHAT difficult.


The Reaverbot does just that, stomping its way through the entrance, and back into the ruins, on its way back to where it came from.  Having trounced the pesky bots that dragged it to the surface, it fortunately has a one track mind to just go back into the ruins.  Not very often a Hanmuru Doll retreats.  Must have gotten its full smashing up the Birdbots!  lol



And Chaos’ impact shattered the large crate, smashing a big hole in the side!  The contents of the crate are finally revealed, as a large shiny crystal-like object rolls out onto the ground!  It’s about five feet in length, and shines like a prism effect!  It’s a rainbow Refractor!  Seeing the familiar object, Jumpy recognizes it from earlier accounts via his Servbot friends!

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(The big surprise is Pokken?)

(Looks like the big “shocking” surprise that they announced for Pokemon was the Tekken styled Pokemon fighting game, Pokken. Okay… First of all it’s not that big a shock, since we already had rumors about it going back to E3 in June at least, along with what looked like a leaked screenshot showing Blaziken and Lucario. Not the unexpected surprise that I thought we’d get. You think they would have noticed the leaks and rumors before the “never before seen” footage.

That said it does look like an interesting game, even if for now it’s a Japanese arcade release. Be cool to play as some of the Fighting types with a Tekken twist.

I’m pretty sure they’ll port it to consoles as an international release eventually since it would be very odd to have trailers in different languages for something that will only remain in Japanese arcades. For example, here in the US arcades are nowhere near as extensive as they were in the 90s, so them trying to release translated arcade machines wouldn’t get too far, not to mention the rest of the world, but I guess we’ll find out.)

A new Adventure in a new World! (RP with Askblazetemplar)



"Wow!  This guy’s AWESOME!  Look at those arm blade things!  And that crest too!  Almost looks like a superhero or something!  I’ll bet he’s super powerful too!  Yeah!" Jumpy says as he jumps to his feet and looks over Gallade, instantly thrilled with it.

He’s seen some strange sights before, but Pokemon like this continue to impress him.  Seeing a Fighting type up close, he can tell it’s quite powerful, way more so than a human (technically a Carbon but that is very close to a human in most ways) kid like him!  Even his opponent from an earlier fight, a Servbot, probably wasn’t quite as powerful as a Pokemon like that!

"Er, yeah.  I can see that something like this would cream me before I could even blink!  Heh!  But I’m still tough for my age!  Yeah!" Jumpy tosses a couple jabs in the air to try and show he’s still tough, trying to keep face but probably not succeeding too well.

Jumpy finally settles down and sits back in his seat.  Upon hearing that they may just be able to meet more trainers catches his attention.  

"That’d be great!  It would be cool to see more people!   All the Pokemon out there too!  Er, and it’d be good to get something a bit warmer to wear too!  Can’t wait!  But first, let’s eat please!" Jumpy perks up and states. 


His stomach also growls a bit, confirming that he is indeed hungry.  Being hyper can burn a lot of energy!  lol

Blaze mentally groaned, reminded all too much of Vinnie Jules, a hyperactive teen that thought that Dragonite was the be all, end all Pokemon.

Thankfully for the Asadan, two things helped distract Jumpy from himself. First was the chef bringing out a surprisingly elaborate dish of food, and the other was Gallade electing to respond to Jumpy directly.

I’ve been called a number of things, but I do believe this is the first time the words ‘super hero’ were used to describe me. Gallade’s telepathic voice sounded entertained more than anything.

Once he’d spoken, Blaze simply nodded at the plate that had been set at the table, indicating that Jumpy could eat his fill, still not bothering to respond with too many words.

Blaze isn’t the most talkative human you’ll ever come across. The psychic Pokemon explained, only causing Blaze to glance at his Pokemon with a slightly chiding expression.

Gallade simply ignored it. They had all sorts of odd interactions, one more wouldn’t matter that much.

Jumpy hears Gallade’s telepathic speech in his head, and is even more amazed by the Pokemon standing before him!  This just keeps getting better from his point of view!  (He’s an easily excited kid. lol )

"Huh?!  Whoa!  You’re talking in my head!  I guess you’ve got psychic powers then!  That’s even more awesome!" Jumpy exclaims, wide-eyed at hearing Gallade’s speech in his head.  It also reminds him of one his friends he’s met in his travels.  (One of the brothers of his trainer is psychic.  That’s seen in the RPing over on DA.)

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(Working on my RP replies!)

(Sorry I’ve been away for a while! Things of late have been busy and a bit hectic. But I am working on my replies in my Drafts and aim to be caught up today!

I apologize for taking a while. Just got a bit distracted for a while there.)

(Still here!)

(Been a while since I last posted here! Well things have been busy, as I’m job hunting and other things.

But I am currently working on my next drawing after I get back on track after my mini hiatus. Got a little slow, plus I was RPing more over on DA with some other OCs.

Once my latest drawing is done, I will get to the replies in my Drafts! To those of you RPing with me here on my Tumblr, thank you for being patient with me! I’ll be active again soon!

In other news, I’ve FINALLY started playing the Kirby series, with Kirby Triple Deluxe! And it’s awesome! Great abilities and some cool modes too! I like the new characters like Taranza too! Won’t spoil anything but it’s a really good game!

On a final note there’s rumors of some big Pokémon announcement coming. All I have to say is they better not try and force the main series to be like Skylanders, requiring you to buy figures to “catch’em all”. The whole point of the games is for most Pokémon to be catchable in game, whether it’s in the wild, trading/migrating from other versions, or from special events for the really rare ones (like Diancie, Mew, etc.). If we had to buy figures to get all the Pokémon instead of getting them in the game I think it would kill the mood. Not to mention getting over 700 figures would be absurdly expensive!

I can almost picture something of legendary or event Pokémon being super rare figures being hoarded by collectors who’ll price gouge them on eBay. Sorry about the rant. I just don’t want to see something like Diancie or even Mewtwo figures being only available online for $30 a piece when they should be in game or wireless events to begin with!

Okay! Poké rant over. Just been bugging me hearing how some think it needs to be a 100% like Skylanders. Skylanders is a good series, but Pokémon shouldn’t have to emulate it in a cheap move by developers to try and cash in.